Job Interview over

That was the longest job interview I’ve been on – around 1h 30 min. My interviews usually last around 15 to 30 minutes because I’m just that straightforward with my words lol (Now that I think about it, that’s probably why I leave a bad first impression huh)

Job Interview

Tomorrow I’ll be going to a job interview. I don’t know if I’ll get it – the interviewer seemed a bit suspicious about me because I only was at my previous job for a month – but at least they decided to give me a chance. Probably won’t get the job though, considering so far […]

10 Years

Today my WordPress account became 10 years old. I don’t have my original blog anymore, but it’s still weird and kind of amazing to think that I have accounts that are that old…


While I go on walks I like to listen to podcast – makes the walk more interesting. I currently follow three podcasts: The BrainFood Show, Myths and Legends and, one that I discovered just recently, Do Go On. The BrainFood Show and Do Go On feature a variety of topics told in an interesting way […]

Gouache and video recording

Today I recorded a video me using gouache. I haven’t used gouache for several years, so it didn’t come out that great orz Nevertheless, I’m still planning to put this video on YouTube, but exporting is taking forever…

Art Attack

I suddenly felt really nostalgic and ended up watching an episode of Art Attack – the german version, since I grew up with that one. And honestly, it still really holds up. The things don’t have too many steps, so they’re still simple enough for children to make, but they also look really neato. And […]

Quiet Sleeper

Quite often you hear people having problems with being a loud sleeper – snoring, mumbling in sleep and so on. I have the exact different problem: I’m a such a quiet sleeper that I sometimes scare people into thinking that I’ve died or something. It is a bit funny, but also a bit shocking when […]

Sunny day

The sun is shining and the sky is a really nice light blue. I’m usually a person that’s more fond of gloomy days, since the sun won’t shine right into my eyes, but having a nice, sunny day from time to time is nice. Especially during Estonian winter.